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Civil Engineering. In today's society we can't imagine our infrastructures without the help of civil engineers. It all started with the ancient civilizations. It started off with the Egyptians and the Mayans. In this essay I will discuss the history of civil engineering ,famous engineers and the prospects of engineering in the future years. Engineering is one of the oldest professions. About 4400 years ago Imhotep, the first documented engineer , built a famous stepped pyramid of King Zoser located at Saqqarah. With simple equipment and mathematics Imhotep built a monument that is standing to this day. For him greatest contribution to engineering was the discovery of the art of building with material such as stones. The people that followed him carried engineering to remarkable heights using human brain which gave them skill and imagination. Thanks to Vitruvius' De Architiectura which was published 1AD in Rome which survived and gave us a look at engineering education in ancient times. Civil engineering has the oldest of the disciplines of engineering. It has existed for years but not as a career which is "Civil Engineering". It is only in 1747 when the first civil engineering school was opened. It was founded by John Smeaton and the first person that called himself as a civil engineer. Civil engineering includes designing and building all types of structures such as designing water-supply and sewer systems, designing railroads and highways and also it includes planning cities. Then after about 100 years the world's first engineering society was found, which was called "Institution of Civil Engineers". One of the civil engineers that I have researched about is Ralph Modjeski. Ralph Modjeski was a Polish-born American engineer who... ... middle of paper ... ...But however some engineers often love to challenge themselves by making plans that balance functional value of aesthetic appeal. In communities they emphasize contemporary design structure, engineers often renovate or rebuild more creative structures where older, more traditional structures once stood. The importance of civil engineer is crucial because they are central figures in the community development. Without their unique talents the communities would not grow and prosper. Buildings and roads provide the basis of the city's infrastructure. All of this is provided by them, but they use their skills to optimize performance and efficiency of community systems. Also the engineer develops water and sewer systems that balances safety standards with delivery of water and sewer processing, which has a major function on city's operation and people's health and comfort.
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