Why College Is A Path To Success?

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Education has a concept that has a significant meaning; hence, it allows an individual to acquire particular knowledge or skills. Education is what prepares one’s mind to learn and understand important ideas. The thought of attending college is a debatable choice as it is debated that having a college education increases an individual’s quality of life and society. Money and time are required to obtain a higher education and can be a hardship; however, it does not compare to the possible advantages and outcomes one receives for initiating a path to a college degree and success. A higher education is not only a pathway to success, because there is a value in higher education that help students acknowledge who they are, grow as people, and develop…show more content…
The cost of college can be a downfall for several people; however, Mead believes that “college is a route to economic advancement.”(Mead) Students should not be discouraged at how much college tuition is because a higher education can increase one’s chance of success. In the article written by the Kiplinger 's Personal Finance Magazine, “How to Invest for College,” there is a brief discussion on the best ways to invest for college. According to the article “How to Invest for College,” the article suggests that starting a fund for a child when they are in elementary school is the best way to…show more content…
A college experience is more than going to school to get a degree, because colleges can provide many opportunities that college students can benefit to their futures. College education is beyond a high school education,(comma) because colleges can expand an individual’s knowledge and intellectual powers by broadening a student’s mindset with practical affairs. One of the best investments that an individual can take upon is going to college. While people have said that college benefits an individual by a high paying job, there are other areas that can benefit a student by going to college and that is the path of improving the quality of

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