Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior By Amy Chua Analysis

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Parenting in today’s society is extremely competitive. Raising children has become the new sport interest to the parents, and the success that the kids achieve in life is the gold medal. You see the articles in magazines, the websites online, and the ads on TV that promote the newest and greatest parenting methods used by mothers and father everywhere. The differences we see in parenting can differ from family to family, but the biggest contrast is between the different ethnicities of the world. How a Western mother raises her child may be completely different than that of a Chinese mother. These differences are the ones that are observed by author Amy Chua, as well as mothers who have read her works of literature.

In “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” by Amy Chua, she argues that the Chinese are the most successful doing this. Through a harsh parenting method with continuous punishment and unmatched motivation, Chinese children prove to be one of the more successful races of children. The Chinese believe that they know what is best for their children, and that …show more content…

Mothers such as Chua are convinced that they know what’s best for their child in almost every aspect of their life. Between school and activities out of school, decisions are usually made up by the mother and not by the child in the Chinese parenting method. Western parents would much rather hold back on making every decision, instead teaching the child to make their own decisions and to weigh out the consequences. Again in Chinese parenting, mothers also believe that it is better to be harsh on the child rather than baby them throughout development. Western mothers on the other hand will take a different path and will always keep the feelings of the child in mind when conducting punishment. Both of the methods are correct in some aspects, but sometimes it takes a little more than just a compromise between the two in order to

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