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  • Commentary on China China

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    China, for most of its 3500 years of history, China led the world in agriculture, crafts, and science. It fell behind in the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution gave the West clear superiority in military and economic affairs. In the first half of the 20th century, China continued to suffer from major famines, civil unrest, military defeat, and foreign occupation. After World War II, the Communists under Mao Tse Tung established a dictatorship that, while ensuring autonomy of China, imposed

  • China

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    China has a landmass of about 9,600,000 sq. km! it is also the third largest country in the world. China also has a wide variety of foods including, noodles, fish, beef, and a favorite dish dumplings. China does not have a wide range of other cultures, but it does have a good interesting culture to satisfy its needs. What would be china without samurais! Now samurais was more of a group that took control because there was no law enforcement to stop them thus controlling varies parts of china, and

  • China Tariffs

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    relocating to China? Are you fed up with the United States losing jobs and large companies to China? Would you like to see more money and products being produced in the United States? The United States trade deficit with China hit all time highs. It's time to fix these problems, it's time to bring wealth and jobs back into the United States. There are many proposals introduced throughout our nation to solve theses issues, but I believe only one will work. Implementing tariffs on China is economically

  • Ancient China

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    Chinese values and cultures. I will also discuss China’s first four Dynasties as well as the origin of Indian culture. China has had over ten Dynasties, but I am here to talk about the first four; the Xia, Shang, Zhou, and Qin Dynasties. 2070-1600 BCE was the rise of The Xia Dynasty, the first government in ancient China. According to Sima Qian, a historian during ancient China, “there was once a great ruler named Huang-ti better known as the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor created Chinese culture

  • Divorce in China

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    Divorce in China Impact of socio-economic changes on the divorce in China China has been undergoing number of social and economic changes throughout its communist history. There is no doubt that these socio-economic changes have influenced the society both positively and negatively. The most two significant changes of all would be the Cultural Revolution which took place during 1960s and the economic transition to the market economy, which has been in effect since 1980s. In this research paper

  • art of china

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    China has the world's oldest living civilization. It's written history goes back almost 3,500 years, and the history told by it's artifacts and artwork goes back much farther. The oldest known works of Chinese art include pottery and jade carvings from the time of 5000 BC. Jade is a general term used to describe either jadeite or nephrite, known as true jade. It's composed of several minerals. It's smooth and rich in texture, but it's also extremely tough. It can be off-white, or dark green, and

  • Differences And Similarities Between China And China

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    United States and China are both leaders of the world’s economy.But both countries have inadvertently shaped into two glaringly distinct societies with cultures that possess both similarities and differences. When it comes to parenting, there is a huge different between China and the United States. If you are a Chinese kid, then you are lucky but tragedy. Because some of the parents like to spoil the kids. They will buy whatever the kids want, and do everything for the kids. In China, There are a 4

  • samsung in china

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    industry to Samsung: second proportion of Samsung electronics „»     It was getting worse in situation of Samsung electronics, so needed some way to solve these problems Market participation in China -     later market entering than Japanese firms -     The establishment of SCH would enhance its image in China and speed up the accumulation of local knowledge of the market.

  • The Downfall of China

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    The Downfall of China China is the perfect example of what happens when one leader is given to much power. The leaders of China were each very afraid of social reform, and the consequences that outside influence may have on their customs. As a means of initiating reform, they shut the entire Western world out almost completely. At the time it was a move that served China well but in the long run it was the downfall of China. While blindfolded, the Chinese were unable to see the

  • Piracy in China

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    Piracy in China The American Heritage Dictionary defines piracy as “the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted or patented material.” It is a problem that affects companies all over the world. Piracy of software, movies, and music is commonplace in China. China has the second worst piracy rate in the world; about 92 percent of the software in China is pirated (Williams 2004). Various companies and governments have attempted to combat piracy, but they had not seen much success until recent years

  • Confucianism In China

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    The roles and normalities of women in Chinese society have remained fluid for centuries, influenced by changing dynasties, colonizers, and the presence other cultures. Politically, particularly through Confucianism, rigid expectations of women began to develop. Strong emphasis on morals, traditional values, and respect shaped the developing gender roles of the era. As Confucianism spread, trends such as foot-binding emerged amongst the elite, and Europeans began to discredit Chinese morality using

  • Nike's Plan for China

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    Nike's Plan for China Nike is already a global power house, however the potential to increase sales in China was the topic of the most recent annual investor meeting. One may question Nike’s preoccupation with China. After all, Nike China is dominant. They are currently the number one brand with the number one market share while competitors Reebok and Adidas are in 4th and 5th places respectively. They have tripled revenue in the last two years. With 2000 points of sale, 400 stores in the top

  • Mattel Catastrophe in China

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    products that were safe and children loved. Mattel began moving their manufacturing operations overseas about twenty years ago, and until recent years had enjoyed continued success. When Mattel began moving a majority of their manufacturing operations to China and Mexico, they never would have imagined the controversy they would find themselves in the middle of. International manufacturing operations provide companies with an increased bottom line, since labor costs are significantly cheaper than in the

  • Climate and Society of China

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    Climate and Society of China Monsoons, Flooding & Droughts Believe it or not, there is a direct correlation between weather, climate and society. Since the first civilizations of the world, these three themes have affected one another. Weather has influenced civilizations in terms of the clothing and shelter which are necessary to protect oneself from the elements. On the other extreme, climate and weather have also acted as positive factors in the case of areas such as Cancun, Mexico. Continuous

  • Government: Canada And China

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    The two countries I have chosen to compare are China and Canada. Their systems of government are very different and have different powers and rolls in their country. Canada has a system of government very similar to our own. While china's government appears to be similar as well, but it is quite different. Canada's government democratic and is parliamentary in form but, very much like our own. Like all large governments it is representative democracy. Canada has a central government designed to

  • The Yangtza Floods In China

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    In 1931, Central China was vastly affected by floods a series of floods. The floods are generally considered among the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded estimated 3.7 million and 4 million. In 1931 there were a number floods that hit suddenly and without much warning in China. They were so devastating that they are now considered to be one of the deadliest natural disasters of the twentieth century. There were a record number of deaths, which range from an incredible a hundred and forty five

  • Ruling Dynasties of China

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    China grew to be the largest and most populous country of Asia. IT developed a unique culture by being isolated and having little contact with any other civilizations. After time, its methods of production and system of government here highly advanced for its time. China’s history is shown through the ruling of several different dynasties, their schools of thought and religion, and the vast spreading of their culture to its surrounding countries. Throughout China’s history, many dynasties had their

  • Imperialism In China Essay

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    imperialism in China led to drastic political, economic and social changes in the Qing Dynasty. Foreign imperialism during the 1800s caused internal struggles within the country and international struggles like the Opium Wars, which resulted in changes that deeply impacted Qing China. Foreign imperialism during the 1800s drastically changed China’s politics and government. The two Opium Wars were both humiliating defeats for China, which resulted in the unequal treaties forming between China and foreign

  • Ancient India and China

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    Shaeq Ahmed Religion of India and China The main religions of China were Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism. The central religions in India were Hinduism and Buddhism. Both Ancient China and India had religious teachers that invented these prevalent religions. Confucius invented Confucianism, Lao Tzu invented Taoism, and a man named Hsun Tzu invented the ideas of Legalism in China. Hinduism in India took many of its religious beliefs from the Aryan people that invaded India. Buddhism was created

  • Westernization in China and Japan

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    initial responses of China and Japan to the West, they later diverged; which ultimately affected and influenced the modernizing development of both countries. At first, both of the Asian nations rejected the ideas which the West had brought upon them, and therefore went through a time period of self-imposed isolation. However, the demands that were soon set by Western imperialism forced them, though in different ways, to reconsider. And, by the end of the 19th century both China and Japan had introduced