Chinese Parenting Case Study

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As Amy Chua (2011) points out, there are three differences in the mindsets of Chinese and Westerners when it comes to parenting. The author starts the article with several stories to demonstrate these glaring differences: Chinese parents believe their kids are "the best;" Chinese parents force their children to practice a subject until they master and enjoy it; and Chinese parents call their offsprings "garbage" and "fat" to make them improve. However, according to Chua, the Chinese parenting method, strange to Westerners, has created successful sons and daughters. To begin with, while Western parents ' primary concern is their children 's self-esteem, Chinese parents plainly assume their children are strong. These opposite mindsets lead to different behaviors. For instance, when a child 's grades are low, Western parents will challenge the educational system. In contrast, Chinese parents will make …show more content…

Consequently, Chinese parents have the expectations that their children obey their rules and make them proud with achievements. In addition, Chinese parents disregard their children’s preference and decide what is best for the children. This idea might seems unacceptable and cruel to Westerners, but it is how Chinese parents care for their children. Chua illustrates the idea with an “The Little White Donkey” piano practice session with her daughter, after which all the child’s frustrations and the mother’s patience were paid off. The seven-year-old’s performance at a recital was greatly admired by other parents. Lastly, the author argues that Chinese parents’ high level of expectation results in utterly differing parenting method. While Western parents’ role in their children’s lives is primarily a supporting one, Chinese parents intensely drill their children in preparation the

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