Why Abortion Should Be Illegal

Why abortion? When thinking about abortion and reasons people do it, the first thing that probably comes to mind is that it is done because of age, being too young, having school to worry about first, finding ways to finish school, having a baby and not being able to afford it, and even just because the mother does not want to be a single parent and have to worry about all those things by herself. Abortion should be illegal because the reasons people abort are mainly just excuses, it can have serious long-term effects on women, or because of political and religious views.
When teenagers get pregnant, the main reason abortion comes to mind is because that young individual is still in school and at a very young age. Abortion for teens is wrong and should be illegal because pretty much all of these teen pregnancies happen by accident, in many cases getting pregnant was not the plan. They were not thinking of the consequences heading their way afterwards even though it was known already what those consequences were in the first place. There are many intended pregnancies that result in birth, some abortions, and there is a few in miscarriages (“State”).
By high school, which is when most teen pregnancies occur, teens should already know what can happen because schools do programs like sex ed to prevent this from happening. There is always a certain age when they will be informed by this and it is always freshman year in high school. In that case, no teen can say they were not taught these things because they should know that they were being irresponsible in the first place. The first thing a women thinks of is how the baby that is coming will ruin their life and everything else planned for their future. The mother starts to complain a...

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... is also really easy for abortion to be done not thinking of the consequences because no one really gets punished for doing it. If there was some sort of punishment given to women who were thinking about aborting maybe then they would at least think of other ways out of it and not abortion as a first choice.
“You do not have the right to be left alone with that abortion decision. The child is present, you are not alone.” A women should never think it is ok to make decisions on her own if she carries another human in her womb. If a teen or young women is on the way to thinking that abortion is the best choice, leading that women into other choices is the best and could save her from many bad situations, even if she only cares about herself. Open their eyes to see all the different options there is available for them so that they do not come to regret it in a future.

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