Who Killed Reconstruction Dbq Analysis

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Micah Gneiting 9/22/15 S.S. 4/English 6 DBQ: Reconstruction Who Destroyed Reconstruction? North or South? Reconstruction was going very well until Abraham Lincoln died, and then the North destroyed it. It was the hundredth anniversary of the American Revolution when the South became angry because of the presidency and split the nation apart. The Civil war was a very bloody war that lasted longer than anyone imagined. The North was lead to victory which allowed former slaves to become free, but North became unhappy. Many people believe the South killed reconstruction because the KKK was born in South. Really, The North killed slavery because they had racial issues and they started focusing on finding scandals instead of focusing on Reconstruction.…show more content…
In document D is states that “the blacks, as a people, are unfitted for the proper exercise of political duties.” In this it shows that because they called them “blacks” it shows they think they are better than them. When they say they are “unfitted for the proper exercise of political duties.” it shows they believe that the African Americans are buffoons and unmannerly. It also states that “a period… long enough for the black to have forgotten something of his condition as a slave.” This shows that they think the slaves need to go back to slavery. As you can see the North was becoming as racist as the South before the war. They thought the blacks were buffoons and animal-like. This was a very bad problem that the North had and needed to change. It took many years to fix this problem and when they did change it, it was for the
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