Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry

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Character list

Annemarie is one of the main characters in this book. she is a 10 year old german girl who lives in Copenhagan, Denmark with her mom, dad, and young sister Kirsti. Annemarie tells the story from her point of view. “It was only in the fairy tales that people were called upon to be so brave, to die for one another.Not in real-life denmark” annemarie struggles to find the definition of courage, but with the big journey that awaits uphead she soon finds out.

Ellen is also one of the main characters in this book , she’s also the same age as her best friend annemarie. Even though she is a very shy girl she wants to be an actress, in order to fufill this dream she first has to survive the horrible, disgusting holocaust. with the help of her best friend ann she may just be able to live her dream. “thats the worst thing in the be dead so young.I wouldn’t want the germans to take my family away to makes us live some place else.but still,it wouldn’t be as bad as being dead”.

Mrs.Johansen is annemarie’s mother, she is a very strong, determined, and smart woman “Friends will take care of them. thats what friends do.”she helps the rosens by hiding ellen and pretending that she is their daughter.

Mr. Johansen is annemarie’s father , he is the same as her mother but more courageous and brave. ”we don’t know where the germans are taking the jews and we dont know what that means we only know that its is wrong, and it dangerous and we must help”

Character analysis

Annemarie is a normal young girl, ten years old, she has normal difficulties and duties like any other girl. but these difficulties aren’t normal ones, she’s faced with the difficulties of war. this war has made Annemarie into a very smart girl, she spends most of her time thinking about how to be safe at all times “Annemarie admitted to herself,snuggling there in the quiet dark, that she was glad to be an ordinary person who would never be called upon for courage.
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