Compare And Contrast Cinderella's Around The World

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Cinderella’s Around the World
While reading and watching films of different cultural Fairy Tales, you notice like an every Cinderella Tale there is a girl who is tired of living a life where they just want to be better. Also from all the different versions of Cinderella stories, all of them are surrounded by jealousy, hate, and negative vibes. However, there are cultural difference that is expressed in each of the different versions of these Fairy Tales. In my paper I am going to express these differences, the two versions that I’ll be talking about is “Aschenputtel” which is the Germany version, and a modern version “Maid in Manhattan”. My goal in this essay is to compare the historical context between the two, and also the cultural differences
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Many people may find it odd that two stories that follow the same concept can be so different. “Aschenputtel” shows the horror of a story that we are so used to hearing, told in a different matter being told in a way that makes you completely forget about the modern version. You can also say that both stories are being told differently because of the time period and the location. So in a way the writers used the time period, and personal battles to tell these stories. Maid of Manhattan was told in New York in 2002, and they used a rich politician as modern version of a prince. It can be said that the time period impacted the choice to do so. One story shows happiness and joy of a mother who despite her troubles uplifts herself throughout the whole movie the other shows the dark story of a girl abused by her stepsister and her stepmother that would give anyone nightmares just reading right off the bat you notice the difference of two stories that are supposed to be the same going in two completely different directions. This goes to show that every happy and uplifting story has a dark side to it no matter the way we are used to hearing it every story can be interpreted differently in many different ways. Not just for Cinderella but for all fairy tales. People can see the concept of the stories in different ways which makes them interpret them differently it just goes to show every fairy tale has it’s downfall but it’s the ones that are told differently that shows that not every fairy tales has it’s happy endings. Even the most uplifting story can show darkness. It really goes to show how different two stories can be even if they have the same concept to them. “Aschenputtel” and “Maid of Manhattan” are great example of two extremely different interpretation but also contain the same concept. It may sound strange or odd but that’s the power of

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