What Is The Cable Car Essay

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Foundation in Critical Studies: Making Spring 2014 Final Research Paper 04-07-2014 Pranavi Chopra THESIS STATEMENT SOMEWHERE For more than half a century, one of the most noteworthy and instantly recognisable symbols of the city of San Francisco has been the beloved cable car. The little quaint vehicles going back and forth the steep hills amid the clanging of bells have been a fascination for all, whether old-time San Franciscans or visitors travelling from across the globe. No hill has ever been too steep nor any load too heavy for the charming cable car. describe the cable cars’ physical appearance, how is it iconic to SF Invented in San Francisco in 1873 by Andrew Hallidie, who felt sorry for the horses that often got injured due to the steep hills, the cable car has predominantly remained unaltered. The first line was known as the “Clay Street Line” and began from Kearny Street on Clay to Jones Street and back. By the late nineties, there were eight cable railway companies in San Francisco. As time passed, some of these lines were replaced by electric cars and others were either absorbed by mergers or abandoned altogether. Today there are only two running cable car companies: the Municipal Railway Company which operates the Powell-Washington and Powell-Taylor lines and the California Street Cable Railway Company, which operates the Hyde Street, California Street and Jones Street lines. more history, how was it when it first began changes that took place — 1906 earthquake – what were the effects? how did coming of new technology change it personal analysis Following its invention, the cable car was adopted by other cities such as Chicago, Kansas city and Los Angeles. They eventually abandoned them, but San Francisco stubbo... ... middle of paper ... ...mechanism and its affects such as the coming of new technology. The two sources I have looked at are Cable Car Days in San Francisco by Edgar M. Kahn and an article by Susan Casey, How new technology rescued the cable cars {San Francisco}, both of which can be found in the CCA libraries. There are ample resources provided by the city itself, such as the Cable Car Museum and the cable cars themselves. It is indeed an iconic image of San Francisco, and I feel the desire to learn more about this living piece of history. Cable cars – the gripmen, not only individual labour, but for the society – all human beings in the world – their work, important for everyone – tourists, San Franciscans Everyone who rides the cable car or has ever ridden becomes a part of it, Involves labour – because physical activity, involves hard work, physical body movement and stress on body
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