Oakland, CA

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The Forgotten City

This paper will discuss the many unique aspects of Oakland, California. Divided into five major parts, Oakland is a very diverse city. The five major parts include: Downtown Oakland which is located in the heart of the city, East Oakland which consists of the majority of the city, West Oakland, North Oakland, and the Oakland hills where the terrain is quite different from other parts of the city. While many may perceive the population to mainly consist of African Americans and Whites, there is a significant growing population of Latinos, and Asians. The topics covered in this paper will shed light on the city of Oakland itself, and discuss the unique city that it is. I will also give my personal experience and perception on the city, after living there for 16 years of my life.
In historical terms the city of Oakland was named after the many Oak trees that inhabited the land when the city was established. Oakland was first founded in 1852 and is located on the East side of the Bay Area in Northern California.(Oakland History) Native Americans had previously lived in the area for over 5 thousand years before many arrived for the Gold Rush, and put down their roots. The famous author Jack London also spent many of his earlier years in Oakland, and his works have said to have been influenced by the city. My personal perception of Oakland is that it has always been the forgotten city in the Bay Area. Almost no one would notice that famous actors Clint Eastwood, and Tom Hanks spent many of their childhood days in the city. Basketball future hall of famers Gary Payton and Jason Kidd also spent their childhood days there. Baseball hall of famers Reggie Jackson and Ricky Henderson still own homes in the city.

In modern times Oakland is known as the main metropolitan city in the East Bay. The city possesses 3 professional sports teams, which have a population of just below 400,000. Oakland is also the 3rd largest metropolitan city in the Bay Area behind San Jose, and San Francisco.( Encyclopedia Britannica ) The city mayor is the ex Governor of California Jerry Brown. Located in Alameda County Oakland’s area consists of a total square mileage of 78.2 miles, of which 56.1 miles is land, and the latter consisting of water.( Encyclopedia Britannica ) Oakland also possesses the 3rd largest seaport on the west coast.
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