Hybrid Cars Essay

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Gas Prices are rising and are not coming down anytime soon. Pollution from gas guzzling cars are polluting major cities around the world. Hybrid and electric cars are an important invention because it reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and lowers pollution in out major cities. The History of Hybrid cars. The first steam engine was produced in 1679 by Thomas Savery and was later improved by James watt in 1781. Steam engines had an enormous effect on the history of transportation. By late 1700, inventors realized that steam engines could power boats, trains and the first commercially successful steam ship invented by George Stephenson. After 1900, gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines began replacing the steam piston engines. In 1900 Ferdinand Porsche debuted there fully electric car and later added a gasoline engine to recharge the battery. This is the first car to have a battery and an engine together. Hybrid cars were not an interest at first. Sixty years after the hybrid car that Ferdinand Porsche created, In this 60 year period, the united states was newly industrialized; rapidly expanding national highway system and lots of cheap gasoline kept hybrid vehicles off the market. The first concerns about auto emissions reestablished interest in electric vehicles. From then on, car companies strive to make better fuel efficient cars and hybrids. From the 1960s to now there has been major improvements in the technology of the hybrid car. Some improvements include the phase out of the NiCad battery. up until 2010, every hybrid vehicle operates using a Nickel-Cadmium battery pack to store power for its electric motor. While it is a great, durable and proven technology, NiCad has some rather serious drawbacks. It ... ... middle of paper ... ...t means their yearly fuel costs are lower. But for shoppers interested in saving the most money, a hybrid may not be the way to go. Electric cars can start at 20,000 dollars and increase as you move up to nicer companies. Most people see the 20,000 dollars and don't consider the amount of money saved on gas. The money saved is definitely a factor to consider if you decide to buy a new car. The Hybrid car is an important invention because it shows an alternative way to drive and use less gas. In Conclusion Hybrid and electric cars have transform the way that we commute and travel. Ferdinand Porsche created a revolutionary product that will be around for may years and is most likely the future of transportation. The government and all car companies are pushing for the public to accept and use these hybrid and electric cars instead of there gas guzzling normal cars.
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