What Is Sustainable Development Essay

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Hello, in this speech I want to talk about the term "sustainable development" and what it means for me and for the world. For me, sustainable development is a new way for the world to improve its present and have more options for a good future. This method, which most countries have begun to use to fight against the ecological problems on the planet, is of great importance to maintain many things that exist on the planet today, like many animals or plants. In addition, this plan will improve people's living standards, in addition to helping with social problems and the daily lives of many people, such as education and work, also help poor people with better living conditions. Now I want to explain, from my point of view and based on the information…show more content…
The scientists tried to create methods to fight against these problems and how they affect the world society. For this, we started talking about sustainable development, by Gro Harlem Brundtland, which said that, “Meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This idea gave rise to the Brundtland Report, which was mainly focused on the economy, ecology and social relations in the world society. The rules of this report contribute to the control of all aspects of modern society and have sustainability as the main idea, with economic and social principles to modernize these ideas. Now, I want to explain these concepts in the economic, ecologic and social point view and give my ideas about how this contributes to the health of the…show more content…
The creation of new jobs for society would help a lot with the growth of the economies of the countries, by the increase of the production of several common products in societies. Like the World Bank think about the topic of the economically sustainable development, who said that “Cities are embracing low-carbon growth and public transportation. Farmers are picking up the practices of climate-smart agriculture. Countries are recognizing the value of their natural resources, and industries are realizing how much they can save through energy and supply chain efficiency.” In my opinion, governments should use this method to improve their territory in an ecological and social level, but always maintaining their economy well due to the social changes that have taken place and supporting the ecological
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