What Is Physical And Physical Development

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A newborn child’s physical and motor development is an evident progression throughout their first years and later in life. A child’s motor development is more of a slower progress, from going to gross motor skills to more fine motor skills in a few months while physical development is an evident process. The environment affects children in their physical and motor growth, as they learn and adapt to new stimuli everyday as they develop. Separately, these developments start at different times but function hand in hand as a child grows. Physical development is evident at conception, early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence; while motor development happens a little later during early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. The…show more content…
An infant starts to have noticeable height and weight change compared to when it was a newborn. As a newborn its weight would have been 7 ½ lbs but by 24 months its weight now is 30 lbs, as the infant’s weight is four times bigger when it was a newborn. Like weight an infant’s height also increases to about 32”-36”, for a typical baby 10 inches a year of growth is common. During these first two years an infant’s instinctive reflexes begin to become more apparent, and slowly progress from gross motor skills to fine motor skills. Some reflexes include: rooting, sucking, eye blink, withdrawal, Babinski, moro, palmar grasp, and stepping. Common gross motor skills that an infant may do are just simply walk, jump, or just flail their arms or legs. But as they grow older they start to understand their surroundings, how other things function, so they start to grab a door knob or hold a crayon with their fingers instead of the grasp of a whole hand. Infants in refining their hand skills, lack a lot of control at first but have firm grasps at items, and toward their first toward second year learn the pincer movement. With constant practice in both the gross and fine motor skills, an infant starts to gain independence cause of new learned…show more content…
Children start to have their lower body lengthen and have the baby fat turn into a muscle. At this point, children (by the age of 6) start to weigh about 40-50 lbs and be 3 ½ feet tall. This is an evident change, in comparison to when it was an infant at 2 years old. During ages 5 and 6, children are more athletic and engage in more complicated fine motor skills. They start participating in more athletic activities, requiring a lot movement making it harder to master. Fine motor skills are harder to master than gross motor skills because it involves a lot of muscle control, patience, and reasonable thought to execute. For example, to be able to write, whistle, and cut food with a knife need more training and time to master. As for the split in gender, boys are more to master gross motor skills, for example sports, while girls excel in fine motor skills like reading and writing, and to add that girls mature faster than boys. Obvious changes in a child’s body in early childhood, and for their improved motor skills are all dependent in the environment they grow up in and what they engage
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