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Kayle Catamisan
Physical and motor development: Growth from Conception to Adolescence A newborn child’s physical and motor development is an evident progression throughout their first years and later in life. A child’s motor development is more of a slower progress, from going to gross motor skills to more fine motor skills in a few months while physical development is an apparent process. The environment affects children in their physical and motor growth, as they learn and adapt to new stimuli everyday as they develop. Separately, these developments start at different times, but function hand in hand as a child grows. Physical development is apparent at conception, early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence; while motor development …show more content…

This is the embryonic period, which occurs three weeks after conception and lasts until the eighth week. During the fourth week, the shape of the head begins to form, along with the formation of the eyes, mouth, nose, and mouth. Through the fifth and eighth week the lower body develops, as the legs and arms appear. After the embryonic stage, the fetal stage begins, which is during the ninth week through birth, where the fetus has a physical appearance distinctive to human features compared to when it was an embryo. At birth, one of the earliest signs of motor development is its first reflexes as a newborn coming out the mother’s womb. Newborns reflexes are not learned, rather they are born with these reflexes and act instinctively to protect itself in its first few months of life. At this point both the physical and motor development is starting to develop naturally at the same …show more content…

Increase in hormones affects internal and external growth. Motor skills in adolescence are that both genders develop more strength and speed in their movements, less clumsiness and more refined. There is a sequence when consecutive spurts happen as it first starts off with the weight spurt, then a height spurt, and finally a muscle spurt. As for motor skills, it is the just the same things learned from the past, and know everything we touched so have in one’s surroundings, as all that’s left to remember is how things function and

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