Physical, Psychosocial Development, And Adolescent Cognitive Development

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To start us off, there are three domains of development, which are physical, cognitive, and psychosocial. Although, these domains are experienced in ALL stages of life, I will be discussing how adolescents experience them. First, are the physical changes an adolescent will experience. A couple include puberty and brain development. Also, the danger of sexually transmitted infections. Secondly, is the cognitive development in adolescents, an aspect being the moral development. After that, Piaget’s theory can be connected to adolescent cognitive development. Lastly, the Psychosocial development that will bring in parent/teen conflict. To continue, the theory of Erikson can be linked to adolescent psychosocial development. In the end, the three…show more content…
First off, cognitive development concerns change in the way adolescents think about themselves, their peers/relationships, and the vast world they live in. The important aspect that was mentioned earlier is moral development. Moral development is a teenager’s understanding of right/wrong. One example of this could be a peer or even a stranger shoplifting, and the adolescent reporting it to a manager. Now on to Piaget’s theory being connected to adolescent cognitive development. Piaget’s theory indeed had a connection to adolescent cognitive development. This connection was the impact that his theory had in the education of children and in stimulation research about children’s cognitive development. This is connected to adolescents because of the way they think and the degree of high school education they receive. Teenagers at their age being hypothesizing or picturing their “perfect” version of the world, and the version will be completely different when taught different degrees of high school education. In transition, on to the last point an example. My personal example is regarding to my pervious example. When I was around 17 years old I had more moral development you could say. Therefore, I knew smoking was bad and decided to stop doing it. To summarize, the cognitive development changes the way adolescents view themselves and the
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