Essay On Physical Development

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Children age 0-5 years are physically active but they have different physical activity guidelines to other groups of age. This is because they have only just started to learn all the importance of physical activity by exploring, developing, practicing and refining the skills that are essential for healthy neurological development. Children age 0-5 years do physical activity that are suited to their age so they can still get the opportunities to have loads of fun, including to be able to crawl, creep, jump, hop, swing, roll, tumble, hang, climb, sing and dance. This is morally because they’re incapable of completing physical activities that older children can do because their health, physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills have not developed, as they are still to young and are not capable. Children age 0-5 years are not yet physically developed to do what older children can do but by letting them still be physically active by doing all sorts of activities designed for them and that are enjoyable will let them be able to be healthy and physically active. It is so important for children at a young age to start being active so they are able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It also helps children to develop strong bones and muscles as well as movement patterns. It’s the age when infants strive to get their balance and body weight and are able to have some sort of coordination. By allowing the children to be physically active, they are gaining the strength they need in their bones and muscles. They are only just learning the indispensable skills so all their physical activity needs to be some sort of jumping, crawling and hoping etc. GymbaROO is an effective child development service that provides many programs fo... ... middle of paper ... ...age 0-5 years are only just starting to learn skills that are needed for them in life. It’s so important to do physical activity at a young age so they can really learn, express and practice the proper understanding of skills and how to be active. Learning how to be physical, social, emotional and intellectual healthy is so important and beneficial and what better way to learn these skills then being physically active. The children are only just learning and developing these skills so of course this age group has different physical activity guidelines to other groups because those other age groups have already gained and understood the essential skills in physical activity. But for a 0-5 year old child, they aren’t yet capable at a lot of physical activity as they are only just starting to learn and gain the physical sociable, emotional, and intellectual abilities.
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