What Is Multiculturalism?

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The immigration debate has challenged all nations with no exceptions since its founding. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are nowadays immigrants, some of which are legally settled while other are simply not. People tend to migrate from poor countries to the developed ones, holding hopes, dreaming of brighter future, and bringing their own cultures with them. Those people choose to live abroad from where they were born. Not to mention that wars and bad governments can result in the increasing number of immigrants, but the main reason of this issue is that immigration will never stop as long as one country has a better place for living, that being said, it is governments’ responsibility to allow and regulate immigration for many…show more content…
Eventually, immigration lead us to open our minds to new concepts and acceptance for people with different backgrounds, and that is called multiculturalism. Not to mention, that immigrants bring their cultures with them so they can teach others about themselves, which is great because that could help in many ways, especially, in how to contact with people from other countries. As one famous philosopher said, “Appreciation for cultural diversity is essential for our co-existence”. For example, according to (Landeskunde Special) in 2006, societies with so many different languages and cultures tend to have the possibility of learning from people having other heritages. They can exchange experiences, so everyone is able to broaden his mind leading to an intellectual improvement of the society. This example shows how immigration can help us to know about different cultures and habits, and adopt some of those good habits they have. In addition, it is interesting to know about different cultures. For example according to (Qin Wan) in 2006, we will understand and learn from each other easier than before. We can eat different cultural style foods. We can watch different entertaining performances from different countries, and we can enjoy the celebration events of different countries by attending their festivals. Those things could create a peaceful surrounding environment. Multiculturalism can be…show more content…
Many people believe that immigrants usually work illegally such as selling drugs or stealing. To argue this claim, they do not know that immigration pay millions of dollars to social security. According to (Ed Krayewski) in 2013, ' ' in 2006 an estimate of 8 million illegal immigrants—up to two thirds of the total—paid taxes, including both income taxes and Medicare and Social Security taxes. Indeed, revenue from illegal immigrants is estimated at $11 billion a year toward Social Security ' '. This means even if the immigrants are not legally working, the government benefits from immigrations. As a result, people still have a lot of questions about immigrating and working ethics. This subject is still under a serious debate, however, results shows that it can leave positive impact on
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