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Currently, today in the world that we live in, immigration is a very popular topic of discuss. Immigration has been occurring for a great deal of time and is still taking place today. In the past there were many problems with incoming strangers entering our country and bringing with them different customs. With unfamiliar attributes being presented to the nation in such a way, caused conflict between the native as well as the aliens. Some complications that were presented a century ago are still being dealt with now, and the others are no long occurring during this era.Immigration does not only include one ethnicity; It includes every enthicity that is coming from a country to settle down in our country from their native country. A msn by the name of Jacob Rii did several interviews on immigrants that were entering the country during the 1890s. During his interviews he discovered the many problems that the immigrants were facing and introducing into the United States.
While interviewing an Italian Rii made many claims about them. Jacob Rii claimed that the Italians stayed "in the slums [where they] are welcomed as a tenant who makes less trouble than the contentious Irishman or the order-loving German"(CAP pg.60). The Italians are viewed as to be more subtle and content with the low wages and poor living conditions. They are the ideal immigrant that executes exceptional work and take what they are given without any opposition. "[Their] ignorance and unconquerable suspicion of strangers dig the pit into which [they] fall"(CAP pg. 61) Italians are viewed to be so kind that they are blind to the evils of the world. They are easy manipulated and misconceived. The Italian were also known for their strong gambling habits, along with th...

... middle of paper ... drug smuggling. In the past, Chinese people brought in opium. Today Cubans frequently get seized with drugs ranging from cocaine to marijuana, entering the coast of Florida.
Riis prejudices thoughts of the immigrants weren't all accurate. He solely based them upon what he saw from his point of view and from the few words he obtain from a small portion of the ethnicity. His views were extremely ethnocentric which did not allow him to take a head on view on way each ethnicity behave in the manor in which they did. Immigration is a great attribute to the nation and without it I believe that the United States would not have been able to reach the amount of success that has.

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  • Analyzes how jacob rii claimed that the italians stayed in the slums where they were welcomed as a tenant who made less trouble than the contentious irishman or the order-loving german.
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