Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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The United States immigration policy has for a very long time been a benchmark for political debate as policy makers deliberate on the need to uphold an international competitiveness by means of drawing of top talent as opposed to the need to control illegal immigration and secure the United States borders. The U.S. has been faced with a period of mass immigration during the last decade. Illegal immigration has become a very severe issue as a result of the view that it hurts the United States citizens. An illegal immigrant is someone who migrates into a country for permanent residence even without any type of identification. Every year, there are many illegal immigrants who enter the U.S. borders illegally due to the fact that the some parts…show more content…
citizens and illegal immigrants: The increase in the number of illegal immigrants in the country has resulted into a competition for jobs which leaves a significant number of American citizens jobless. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data review (The Economic Collapse, 2011), legal as well as illegal immigrants have gained more than a million job opportunities between years 2008 and 2010 even while millions of U.S. citizens were losing their jobs within this similar time period. The U.S. citizens who have borne the heaviest consequence of illegal migration are the low-paid workers. This is as a result of the educational profile of the present-day illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants to the U.S. have in the recent past had a tendency of increasing the supply of low-skilled as well as low-wage labor in the United States labor market. Most of the black American male workforce comprises of individuals who have a high school or diploma education, and they have to work in low-skilled and low-wage labor market (Reynolds, 2010). Considering the economic theory, allowing many illegal immigrants with low educational profile into the country will result into a decline in the job prospects as well as wages of the Native Americans who have little education. As a result of this situation, the number of illegal immigrants who are getting employed to work in low-skilled jobs significantly increases whereas the…show more content…
Illegal immigrants have a direct economic consequence, even though the details are more than the fact that they take most of the jobs belonging to the Americans. Most immigrants work so as to provide financial support to their families back at home where the U.S. dollar has a higher value than here in the country. As a result, these illegal immigrants are often much willing to work at a wage that is lower than the minimum standard, and the money they make does not go to the United States economy. In contrast, if this wage was paid to a U.S. worker, the tax dollar will go to the government of the United States and go back to the economy through the public assistance programs or the contracts that are provided by the government. This is basically the foundation of an economy that is successful. The presence of illegal immigrants in the nation troubles these economic foundations. As a result, the presence of illegal immigrants in the country does not only hurt the U.S. citizens, but also their
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