What Is Happiness Essay

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Happiness There are several ways to achieve happiness; however, no one could actually define the meaning of it. Happiness comes from people’s perspectives, is viewed in many different ways and it costs you nothing in exchange. To me, the key of happiness is how well you make, and use your money, stay a healthy life, is being surrounded by love of friends, and family, as well as how you control the purpose of your life. For one thing, making more money will help you solve all the financial problem you have in the future. People are right when it comes to “money can’t buy happiness”. Although it is not wrong, money does have a role in our life. For instance, you can’t buy food, go shopping, or go to the hospital in an emergency situation without money. With your high income, you will be able to support your family, and help other people financially, such as charities. Happiness is not come from an expensive gift, or how much money you …show more content…

For instance, when I was a very little kid, happiness was just as simple as eating my favorite candy, getting new toy, or sleeping inside mommy’s warm arm. Then I grew up, the chance to make myself happy seem decreasing. I start messing around with people, getting upset with life, but at the end of the day, no matter how many people I met, how many places I have been through, there is still only one place with those people and I know exactly that I belong to them without being insecure. It’s called family. My happiness is knowing that, through thick and thin, after a long struggle day, I can come back to my family, laugh so hard, and set everything aside because I know, my parents love seeing my smile. Happiness comes from the little thing when you get support from your friends, advice from your family, and their presence in your graduate

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