The Secret Of Happiness: Happiness Is The Key To Happiness

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Happiness, what exactly is it? Happiness is different to everyone, for one person happiness can be their family, and for another person happiness can be money. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Happiness is defined as “ the state of being happy ”(“Happiness.” Merriam-Webster).The definition itself is so simple, yet so complex at the same time, that in today’s time we are having trouble finding that key to happiness. Today, before writing this paper I went around asking family members of mine what the secret to happiness was, and I was pretty shocked but not that surprised at the answers I received. Let’s begin with my siblings, I have an older sister, an older brother and a younger brother. To my surprise they all had the same answer, money was the secret to happiness. According to them, when you are struggling financially you tend to be more stressed, and when you become stressed you tend to be less happy. For example, if your struggling financially, you start to worry about paying bills, rent, and food, and it’s …show more content…

I believe you need a balance of both because, life without money or family is a life I wouldn’t want to live in. Apart from family and money, most importantly you need to learn how to love yourself first in order to be happy. We as humans need to learn how to be happy on our own without needing someone else in our lives to fill that empty void us human crave. I belive that’s what we all struggle with and are all guilty of, for me as an example as much as I love my family I need to learn how to be happy with myself first. As someone once said “ Learning to love yourself will be the hardest thing you’ll ever do in life” (Rathje, Hailey. “Why Loving Yourself Is One of the Hardest and Most Important Things to Do”). I think everyone should take time from their lives and really take time to love and accept yourself and be happy before you find happiness in someone

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