Definition Essay: Happiness Is In Relationships

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I believe that true happiness is in the relationships we have with others. In the interactions we exchange-whether they are beautiful or violent, they are the interactions of a human. We often confuse our emotions and misplace what is important and what isn’t. When we do not know what it is that we hold dear, we cannot be happy. When I was roughly six years old, I was always wanting something, whether it be a new backpack or a new toy. Like any other child, I grew bored with my new toys and demanded more. Nevertheless, one day I glanced at the pile of my ever-growing possessions that so much money was being wasted on. I gawked at that amassing mountain of false happiness, and I felt nauseated. I tingled with disgust and anger as I was ashamed with myself for being so greedy. For not …show more content…

The ‘happiness’ that it provides is fleeting, and never succeeds to fill the void of hollowness inside of us. Whereas when we interact with others-whether if it is in our “Good morning” to our neighbors or holding the door for passengers in the elevator-we are being human. We humans reach out to one another because it is in our nature. When we act as we are, happiness is fated to flare and burst inside of us. When we gift our kindness and love they are still there no matter how small the amounts. When someone else shares something so important and precious, nothing can matter more. In a life-or-death situation the first things one is going to protect are the people dear to them. They love the ones dear to them because they make them happy. That happiness one experiences is what fills the gaping chasm inside, and allows them to realize what is important and what is not. That happiness is the very thing that truly lets us live as who we are and who we are meant to be. Because of the connections we make and have with others, we can reach that beautiful destination. This I

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