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What Does Happiness Mean For Me Every person determines the word happiness in his own special way connecting it with the way his or her life develops. We all invest different meanings in the concept of happiness. Some people may find their happiness in being in a romantic relationship. Others may find their happiness in wealth and fame. While others are being happy merely because they feel healthy and alive. I think that we give happiness different values at different stages of our lives. After all, it even happens that the same person today in order to be happy strives for love and family, while tomorrow the only things he or she is worried about are money and career, and after a while, all he or she needs is unimpaired health. Everyone determines the meaning of happiness differently, and this is the only universal recipe for how to become happy. …show more content…

For spiritually rich people a possibility of spiritual growth is of great value. Despite the meaning that person includes, happiness does not occur by accident — it always has to be made, it has to be discovered, created, and produced, built from the ground up. And this could only be achieved by deciding to be happy. People must have a tenet to be happy no matter how difficult events await them ahead. By all means, life, with all those countless catastrophes and suffering, always gets in the way of people enjoying their own lives. This can indeed distort a person’s happiness. ''Happiness is when, what you think, what you say and what you do are in Harmony,'' Gandhi ( porter 459-61). In the world no one else can steal happiness from you in this manner, only you can. If you do what you say and say what you think, then all in alignment and you have the opportunity for happiness. When they are out of alignment, you have internal conflict and happiness will be hard to

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