Don't Worry You Can Be Happy, by John B. Thomas

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What's it going to take? David Myers says in the article 'Don't Worry You Can Be Happy'; by John B. Thomas. 'Happiness relies largely on things unrelated to money, such as meaningful activities and enriching relationships.'; With that the article states that with the following ten steps you can improve your happiness. One: learn to like your self. Two: take control of your destiny. Three: practice expecting the best. Four: become more extroverted. Five: try acting happy. Six: consider new work. Seven: Sleep, sleep, sleep. Eight: Foster close relationships. Nine: Tie the knot. Ten: have faith. So with all of the ten steps you can see that with a little faith and following these steps you could 'Be Happy';. Throughout the article Thomas makes very valuable points, two that I have to agree with 100%. The first point that I agree with is having faith. Having faith in a religious way or just in life in general. Both types of faith will bring you an inner happiness. You look at those people who are sick or very ill. The one who has faith seems to make a stronger and quicker recovery. You'll also notice that from these people that they are very at peace and bring happiness to those around them. The second point that he makes that I agree with is sleep, sleep, sleep. I've notice that in life you need to sleep. People who have trouble sleeping become very irritable and unhappy. You'll also notice that those people whom do sleep they tend to be more patient, alert and more extroverted. These people to me, which are getting enough sleep are happy with that point in their life and can pass their happiness to others. You'll also notice that people seem to make more mistakes and have trouble being happy when they unable to sleep. So when looking at happiness and sleep you'll notice that you have to get enough sleep to be happy in life. When looking at the list you have to wonder what do I do to make myself happy? For me I surround myself with my friends who are happy. Knowing that their happiness would rub off on me. I also find myself trying to make others happy by helping them, when they are down in their time of need. Being there for others can be very self-gratifying and boost happiness for both you and the person whom you are helping.

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