What Can an iPod Do for You?

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In today’s world, in general, everything moves faster. Daily routines also would not be complete without technology. Often it is believed that technology becomes worthless when one does not know how to use it, in which I completely agree. Without the internet millions of people would go around town not know what was going on in the world. I, for one, grew up listening to music and I have always loved it. Shortly after the Christmas of 2007 I made a purchase that forever changed music and my life together. An iPod lay in front of me and I gazed in its beauty and the place she had in my future.

IPods are a pretty vague subject but it is hard to narrow down a product that delivers so much variety. An article has reported that a study undertaken at the University of Wolverhampton where iPod’s uses have taken a slight academic turn. IPods were being used as educational devices. Although not entirely replacing lectures or professors but becoming effective means of supporting student learning. Reported benefits included “motivating learners, enabling student interaction, offering time-shifted learning engagement and personalization of learning”. (Steve Cooper) Specific lectures on certain college classes are now being offered at iTunes. All lectures being free to anyone, this allows one to dramatically decrease mindless distractions instead listening to an enlightening lecture on today’s credit crunch right on their amazing iPod.

IPods can even be used to train doctors in saving lives. At the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology a new study was presented that indicates iPods can double medical interns’ ability to diagnose heart sounds and rhythms pinpointing serious heart problems. The study says when an i...

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..., and digital cameras all had their established mainstream market. Apple felt the only profitable market had to be portable mp3 players, thus the iPod came to the world. Engineering Chief Jon Rubinstein formed a team, including hardware engineers Tony Fadell and Michael Dhuey, and design engineer Jonathan Ive, to create the new line of iPods. Amazingly the team created the new line in less than a year! Unveiled on 23 October 2001, Jobs announced Apple’s Mac-compatible new product with a 5 GB hard drive that put "1,000 songs in your pocket." (Apple, Ipod) An incredible eight years later many of us have been exposed to an iPod in some way, shape or form, as it is the most recognizable digital music player on the market. Also more than 173 million iPods had been sold worldwide, as of September 2008, making it “the best-selling digital audio player series in history”.
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