Apple iPod versus Other Mp3 Players

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Nowadays, we see more and more people leisurely walking around with music devices called IPODS, MP3s and walkmans. When I mention “IPODS” I guess everyone knows what it is, the most popular device in the world.

IPODS have only been around for a short period of time, yet it has been the most common music device around. IPODS could be said one of the dearest in money terms. I have seen IPODS valued from 100 to 500 dollars. This is such a big surprise. Not wanting to be informal, a total rip-off! What has happened to the old time, favourited MP3s?

I have heard many people say IPODS are better than MP3s.

To me, I can barely find any benefits to purchasing an IPOD. There is no point on wasting hundreds of dollars on this expensive, lame thing. With that vast amount of money, I could eas...

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