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James Lawson Apple Case Analysis MBA5101 Strategic Management and Business Policy Dr. James Schindler 7/26/2015 General Overview Apple is an American producer of personal computer, personal computer peripherals, cellular telephones and PC programming. It was the first effective personal computer organization and advanced the graphical client interface. Its central command center is situated in Cupertino, California. Apple was established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, to create and offer PCs. Apple is presently the world 's second biggest data innovation organization by income after Samsung Electronics, and the world 's third biggest cellular telephone producer.(Apple, 2012) Financial Analysis The company’s…show more content…
Cutting costs by competitors is the most logical way for competitors to be more competitive in the market. By cutting costs, there are more profits to be made and to gain market share by offering lower cost substitute products. The industry is flooded by competition, but no other competitor of Apple really focuses on creating great technical upport or brand loyalty. (Elliot, 2014)Apple’s primary focus is to develop innovative products and create a unique product that consumers can depend on the being the most highly anticipated technological device while offering great service and support for these new products. Apple uses business model innovation which introduces new products that are compatible with each other such as iTunes and the iPhone or ipod. This has proven to be a very effective business model and competitors are trying to replicate the same model to their advantage. (Jakab, 2015) By being an innovator and first mover on this type of technology, it gave Apple the competitive advantage in the market. In order for competitors to be more effective in the industry, they must attempt to gain customer loyalty and offer a simliar business strategy to that of Apple if they are to be the industry…show more content…
Today, Apple keeps coming out on top with their exceptional and award winning items and administrations. Apple is additionally credited with driving the advanced media upheaval with their iPod compact music and feature players and iTunes online media store, making the first supportable music-downloading plan of action ever. (Jakab,

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