What Are The Importance Of Social Media

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In today’s society, social media is a huge part of the average American’s life. This is especially true for the younger generation. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to YouTube, there are many online platforms the general public can log on to. Not only can people interact with friends and family online, but they can also check up on celebrities. Among these celebrities are this year’s presidential candidates and important political leaders. For example, Bernie Sanders. Even the president, Barack Obama, can be found online. Online access also allows people to post about the candidates and express their political opinions. It gives them a chance to discuss with others that may share or disagree with their political opinions. Citizens can…show more content…
The presidential campaign helps to inform citizens of the ideas and motives of the candidate. Online websites help to spread their ideas and beliefs to more of the population. Furthermore, not every person has access to watch political debates and interviews on a television. Web pages like Facebook and YouTube, give people a chance to view these programs on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. This gives people on-the-go an opportunity to follow the news. America is a particularly fast paced, busy nation. For instance, someone can watch an interview on Facebook while taking a train to work. This convenience helps to involve busier citizens with politics. Social media also is an excellent way for presidential candidates to interact with followers. A website like Twitter gives candidates the chance to share events they may be having. This promotes their events and encourages extra people to become involved. Indubitably, there is a multitude of positive points between social media and…show more content…
Just about anyone has the ability to post online. This allows people to spread false information. This is notably common on Twitter. A person will post a false statement or a picture of a fake article to circulate lies. People will retweet to help extend these fabricated allegations without verifying if it is actually true. Online news pages will sometimes diffuse these accusations by releasing an article of the actual truth. However, not every erroneous rumor is proved incorrect. This can sway people’s political opinions based on the fraudulent material. Another issue with social media and the presidential election is that it can cause conflict between fellow citizens. People have the ability to post their political beliefs online as stated in the previous paragraph. This can cause conflict between people who support different candidates. For instance, someone who supports Hillary Clinton may attack a Donald Trump supporter by pointing out that they believe Donald trump is a racist, a sexist, and endorses white supremacy. Likewise, a Donald Trump supporter may criticize a Hillary Clinton supporter for standing behind who they believe is a liar. This causes tension between citizens and creates plenty of problems. Lastly, this year’s presidential candidates are eminently sophomoric over social media. For one thing, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
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