What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Scientific And Technological Advancements?

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Advancements in science and technology have resulted in tensions between those members of society intrigued by these advancements, and those opposed to them. Whether it is from a political, environmental, ethical, or cultural point of view, there has always been a great debate with regards to the benefits of scientific and technological advancements to society. As discussed by Hard and Jamison, there have been many members of society that deem technology has led to a de-humanizing of society, in that humans have become increasingly obsessed with technology as a means of gaining materially. In opposition, as discussed by Ede and Cormack, technology has assisted humanity in furthering their knowledge and understanding of the world. As exemplified throughout this essay, there are arguments for both the benefits and disadvantages of these advancements.
World War I changed the future of science. As discussed
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The theorization that humans evolved from cells as opposed to from the ideas set forth by religion was cause for great controversy. The urge for scientists to understand the natural world led to the study of how humans came to evolve. With the progression of scientific innovation, scientists were increasingly able to study the roots of humanity. Thus, the theory of evolution came to light. As a result, many members of society greatly opposed the concept that humans could be a direct descendant of other mammals—such as apes. This theory caused such a stir within societies, that in some parts of the world, the teaching of evolution was banned for a period of time. This greatly exemplifies the impact that science and technology have on society. To many, the ability to understand all aspects of the natural world, down to the cellular makeup of the environment was extremely exciting. To others, the fact that these theories called to question religious beliefs was

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