The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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While generations of today have witnessed countless technological advances, there are also downfalls to these progressions. Technology interferes with education, attention spans, relationships, social interactions, self esteem, and even creativity. In order for technology to have more pros than cons, it is pertinent to keep a clear perspective. Monitoring how much you or your children spend time using electronics is the key to making sure that technology is not harmful.

Technology in itself is not damaging to us. In fact, many forms of technology help us in our everyday lives. Even so, practically every problem that stems from technology can also be related to overuse of electronics. For example, looking around at a restaurant, a person might find almost every young or old patron on their cell phone.This takes away from dinner conversation and can be frustrating to try to talk to someone who is playing on their cell phone. Being on your phone all the time can also cause romantic relationships to fall apart in certain cases. Another way it is harmful to social interactions is through social networking sites. While social networking has the ability to reconnect old friends, see what family and friends are up to, and stay informed, it also has a dark side. Problems with romantic or even platonic relationships can arise from something as small as who your friends are on Facebook or whom you follow on Twitter. A more likely situation is that romantic relationships could face turmoil if one person finds out that the other has been talking to someone else privately. Under certain circumstances, one partner could think that the other is cheating on them.

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