What Are External Stakeholders In Health Care

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Within my organization there are many different stakeholders. It is crucial to first understand what a stakeholder means. A stakeholder is a person who has something to gain or lose through the outcome of planning process. Within healthcare there are three types of stakeholders, those who receive health care, those who give health care, and those who manage the financial aspects of health care. Health care organizations do not face just one or a few stakeholders they hold many. Healthcare executives must learn to manage a portfolio of stakeholder relationships.
Internal stakeholders are typically those who participate in the coordination, funding, resourcing and publication. Internal stakeholders operate almost entirely within the generally
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The board committee members play a role in working to deliver quality care to the patients. The board committee members work with the community to organize outings for the patient and organize community volunteers. The board committee plans events, deals with finances. Board members and committee members are chosen from candidates who are interested in working together to improve the health and wellness of the organization. The motivation of the board committee members are dedicated and motivation to assisting the organization with financing and the overall health of the…show more content…
The competing external stakeholders seek to attract the focal organization’s dependents. These competitors may be direct competitors for patients or they may be competing for skilled personnel. The patients hold the role of seeking care. They demand that they receive quality care in the organization and that the care is consistent. The patients play a role in the organization because the organization needs the patients to run the facility. The organization provides a service that the patients need and demand. The source of influence from external stakeholders comes from control of strategic resources materials, labor and
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