Hitler and the Appeasement Policy of the 1930s

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Appeasement Policy was a foreign policy that was adapted by Britain and France in the 1930’s towards Germany. Britain and France let Hitler have whatever they considered necessary to preserve peace in Europe, as they merely wanted to focus on domestic issues, such as economy and unemployment . They believed that Hitler had certain aims and that once he had achieved these, he would be satisfied. So they allowed him to re-arm, invade the Rhineland (1936), and complete the Anschluss of Austria (1938) followed by the Sudetenland. Appeasement assumed Hitler would keep his side of the bargain, however it did not. Adolf Hitler proves that he is ruthless, a risk taker, and anti-Semitist throughout the Policy of Appeasement. The Policy first started out in 1935 when Britain signed a naval agreement with Hitler, which allowed him to increase his Navy by thirty – five percent than that of Britain’s Navy. Following in 1936, when Hitler sent out troops to the demilitarized zone – Rhineland, in-turn this intentionally violated the terms ...
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