Website Developement for El Indio Restaurant

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The purpose of the project is to execute a complete website design & development for El Indio Restaurant. The cutting edge website will feature all the elements, functions, and specifications to ensure users can easily navigate it and get all the necessary information.
Thank you for your interest in working with our company. Based on your company’s needs and goals we have prepared the following detailed proposal. We feel confident about creating a successful website for your company given our experience. We have expertise in creating websites that are captivating, user friendly and marketable with the client’s aims and goals in mind.

The primary purpose of the redesigned website project is to create an online site using the latest technologies and trends designed to portray El Indio restaurant’s aims and objectives. The existing site lacks a lot of crucial information that users are seeking. In order for the website to reach its maximum efficiency, it must stand out from other competitors and needs to capture and attract users to visit the restaurant. They must be able to identify your goals and have a sense of the atmosphere of the place as well as showcase of your food. We can create a captivating site that displays the inviting
We can create a website to provide valuable information to your guest that lets them know the location of your restaurant, a map and step by step instructions, too. One of the greatest advantages we can include in your website is an automated reservation system that allow guest to make their own reservations. Our design would allow you to share current specials and new menu items to keep your customers up to date. Not only can you launch the information on ...

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...ure customer’s interest into the restaurant, the website design must implement a marketing strategy focused on this goal. Analyzing the restaurant’s needs allows us to identify the key elements of the website, audience and all necessary calls to action. Understanding and focusing on your specific goals facilitates the design phase. This project revolves entirely around your company’s needs and goals, making this phase a dynamic way to display the entire sense of the restaurant. Creativity and originality can be expressed in a professional way to match that of your business. For this phase, we have created a design that will feature five main landing pages. The most relevant information will be displayed in the home page to easy access. More detailed information can be found using the other tabs, which would be home, about us, menu, special events, and contact us.
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