Swot Analysis Of A Cafe

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Question 1(a) Executive Summary My company plan is open a small cafe in CBD. My Café will be located on the West Street, Near Auckland University. Because mostly students visit café for food, entertainment and coffee and they enjoy some time with their friends. So my café fulfill students all needs and provide opportunities to enjoy with friends and colleagues. The name of my café is star bean cafe. Every year approximate 50,000 to 80,000 student and 10, 0,000 visitor are entered in New Zealand so that my main goal are those students and as well as local people and commercial people. Cafe amenities We provide snacks and all types’ coffee and cold drinks’, shakes, mock tailsetc. Separate large hall for special events and parties. Provide…show more content…
Some time bottle juice is not fresh Opportunity:- This café provide lot of food varieties and cold drinks and coffee for new daily customer on cheap rate. • Masters in some special homemade foods and drink which is only available in our café. Its helps to increase the sale and as well as profit. Threats:- There are many other competitor provide same type of food and drinks. SWOT analysis for Ambience and atmosphere:- Strength:- • Café area: - we always provide free wifi for all customer and sitting area with wonderful sound system like student can enjoy hot drink and cold drinks and food as well as they can do their work also. • We present best quality of food to the regulars customers with best presentation and excellent way of service. Weakness: - • We served best quality food to satisfaction of buyer. Our main weakness is we provide better than other cafe but other competitor in lowest price. OPPORTUNITIES:- • Soft music on customer demand. • New technology, latest and updated all machines and equipment are available preparation and for customer pleasure. THREAT:- • Parking area: - less parking space for customers. because the location of the café is in central of the city which is very busy

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