Web Analytics Tools : The 10 / 90 Rule

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Avinash Kaushik in his blog proposed the 10/90 rule. [1] According to him, many large companies that have invested in web analytics tools still struggle to make any meaningful business decisions. Apparently, there is a no dearth of data that is collected via these web analytics tools for these companies. However, the caveat here is that there is no real useful information that is being analyzed from these data. In other words, there are not sufficient people with expertise in these areas working on these web analytics tools for these companies to make any meaningful suggestions from the data for the companies to implement and in return increase their profits or whatever they are trying to achieve/gain. The 10/90 rule suggests that for every $10 invested on web analytics tools, $90 should be invested on web analysts by the company to be able to expect positive results on their investment on web analytics tools. Primarily, the data collected from such web analytics tools is useless unless an expert is analyzing that data. It is the web analyst that is critical for the success from the ...
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