Water Inc. Marketing Plan

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Water Inc. Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

ƒ The LIFT Water concept is a unique caffeine experience designed to appeal to college students and businesspersons looking for an alternative to coffee, sodas and energy drinks. LIFT Water offers a variety of uses and can be manufactured and marketed at a competitive cost.

Marketing Objectives

ƒ The plan will create product awareness through internet advertising via websites popular with college students (i.e. MySpace) and billboards on larger campuses. During finals week at the largest campuses in the United States, we will have buy one-get one free promotions. College students spend more time online than watching television.

Products or Services

ƒ The soda, specialty-coffee and energy drink market is growing bland with the same old choices. It is now time for LIFT to bring those bored consumers into the fold.

ƒ LIFT Water is clear; it looks and tastes just like regular bottled water.

Projected Outcomes

ƒ Once LIFT is embraced by the college student market, we will expand marketing to the working world as well, growing our market share and profits. As demand increases, LIFT Water Inc. will open additional production facilities.

Company Description

LIFT Water Inc. is the brainchild of Linda Gulley, created in 2007 to bring the unique benefits of caffeinated bottled water to a thirsty, drowsy world. LIFT water provides one of nature¡¦s most fundamental elements with the added boost of caffeine; the same amount found in a regular cup of coffee. The Company will premiere its LIFT water at locations in and around The Ohio State University¡¦s main campus in Columbus, Ohio.

A socially responsible production facility will be operated and maintained in Columbus, Ohio. LIFT Water Inc. will lease factory space until such time as purchase of the facility is deemed fiscally responsible. Employees will be provided with a generous wage and benefits package to include a stock purchase plan as well as profit-sharing incentives designed to promote company loyalty and high employee morale.

Strategic Focus


LIFT Water Inc. is committed to producing high-quality, yet affordable products to consumers and providing a safe and comfortable working environment for its employees. We will reward our shareholders trust by responsibly balancing market expansion while maximizing profitability.


ƒ Non-financial:

ƒ Provide the highest-quality beverage possible at a competitive price

ƒ Promote social responsibility; recycle scrap water bottles and use recycled plastic in the production of our bottles

ƒ We will create and maintain a factory that minimizes waste and negative environmental impact
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