The Five Hour Energy Supply

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The Five Hour Energy Supply

The small drink that promises big energy and alertness without have jitters plays a role in most teenage and adult lives. This 5- Hour Energy’s audience is multitasking, working professionals. The market demand has increased a tremendous amount since the product had hit the store shelves in the year 2004.

Each bottle contains high doses of vitamin B, caffeine, and energy blend. "This is a no-nonsense drink," Sperber said. "It is not a fashion statement. It doesn't have a cool name; it is just a simple grab-and-go product to help busy adults when they can't afford a letdown." Each 2- ounce bottle contains zero grams of sugar, about the same amount of caffeine as in a small coffee, and 4 calories. This drink also contains about a dozen ingredients that have been broken down into vitamin B, and the manufacturer lists it as the “energy blend.” The text of this energy drink implies that it can be drunk within seconds. When the need for an extra boost you don’t want to wait, it’s easy and fast. It will make the body feel more energetic, and the shot only takes seconds to drink, so it will be able to get into the system faster to boost the energy level. Feel it in minutes!! In a few minutes the 5- Hour Energy shot will boost your energy, help you bring back the bright and alert the feeling for the need of power throughout the day. Last for hours!! The 5-Hour Energy can help the body feel awake and alert for a good amount of time throughout the days. This shot won’t make the body feel jacked up and this is because it gives you the smooth energy that lasts for the time being. It will wear off gradually, but not with a sudden crash, and this is because this shot is sugar free.

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...nning. The logos that are on this little shot grab the attention with the label saying,

 Hour of energy now*

 No crash later

 Sugar free

 0 net carbs

 Feel it in minutes. Lasts for hours

Not forgetting that the font of 5-hour ENERGY is much larger than the rest of the fonts on the labels. This shot is an easy target for teenagers and young adults because it’s easy to grab it from the shelves and take it within minutes, and it is known to work in minutes to keep you active and energized for five hours.

The 5-hour Energy drink is a drink that catches young adults and teens. By targeting the audience this ad/commerical catches the eyes because of the shot lables of how fast this product works and how is to be taken, and why have a good energy boost within 5 hours and the good idea of the amount of calories within this product.

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  • Explains that 5-hour energy's audience is multitasking, working professionals. the market demand has increased tremendously since the product had hit the store shelves in the year 2004.
  • Describes the 5-hour energy shot as a "grab-and-go product to help busy adults when they can't afford to let down."
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