Marketing Implementation Plan

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Marketing Implementation Plan

Kudler Fine Foods has designed a market research plan that includes using data collection tools to assist them in determining and improving their level of customer service. The data the company collects from the research tools will help determine a future marketing plan that appropriately positions their product and resonates and connects with the customers Kudler is trying to attract. Each of the tools selected will provide Kudler with insight into the customer behavior and opinions of Kudler’s customer base as it relates to customer satisfaction. They intend to expand on their current survey materials to help quantify the areas that they will need to focus on to improve their service levels.

Kudler Fine Foods has developed a research plan utilizing surveys, focus groups, secondary data, and observation. Out of these four marketing research tools the organization has decided to go a step further by using surveying instruments combined with two of the above tools to reach a conclusion regarding how the organizations customers perceive Kudler Fine Foods customer service. According to Aaker and Day (2007), “Scaling is the process of creating a continuum on which objects are located according to the amount of the measured characteristics they possess,” (Marketing Research, p. 287).

Competition is always a big threat looming over any business. Kudler wants to ensure they are a step above the market by providing their customers an exceptional shopping experience. The landscape has changed in terms of the competitive nature of business; quality customer experience and service can be the determining factor that keeps customers coming back and obtaining new ones. A solid marketing plan can attract ...

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...udes toward customer service at the store. These strategies will help to implement a new customer service plan that will help Kudler Fine Foods improve their customer service.

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