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Pop culture can be described as a wide range of mediums that are deemed acceptable and popular by society. Films, namely Walt Disney films being a clear example of a pop culture outlet that has a positive influence on society. In Adorno and Horkheimer’s critique of pop culture and society, they state that mass produced entertainment serves to shelter their broad audience to the harsh realities of their lives. That the culture industry offers a deceitful escape and a freedom from thinking. They further argue that mass produced entertainment suffers because it aims to please a broad audience. The critique states, “Every detail is so firmly stamped with sameness that nothing can appear which is not marked at birth, or does not meet with approval …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes adorno and horkheimer's critique of pop culture and society. they state that mass produced entertainment serves to shelter their broad audience to the harsh realities of their lives.
  • Analyzes how the walt disney company continues its domination of the box office through a diversified catalogue of intellectual properties.
  • Analyzes how walt disney films are successful due in part to how they introduce and deal with the issues of the modern times.
  • Analyzes how disney films promote prosocial thinking in a manner consistent with real life. adorno and horkheimer criticized entertainment as an escape from thought.

In their analysis of pop culture, Adorno and Horkheimer conclude that mass produced entertainment to a certain degree has to be a safe bet. Cultured entertainment as they see it, succeeds because it safeguards audiences from the realities and controversies of the world. Walt Disney films however do not shy away from confronting social issues head on. A research article from University of Northern Iowa graduates on Disney films concluded on The Princess and The Frog, “The Princess and the Frog deserves credit for the creation of the black and beautiful Tiana, a strong-willed and talented heroine who is resourceful enough to participate in her own rescue.” (Van Wormer and Juby). Even though this may not seem issue in modern society, these ideas are still somewhat controversial. There is a portion of people in today’s world with a dissatisfaction of this film breaking the standard of Disney animated princess films, which prior only had portrayed two other ethnicities. Race unfortunately is still a controversial topic, Disney tackled this by introducing a strong heroine who is a minority and doesn’t fall within the damsel in distress cliché. Empowering a strong female lead that anyone can look up to is just one example on how Disney has successfully reintroduced a sensitive idea to the masses. Tackling social issues like these isn’t all that Disney films do, they …show more content…

Adorno and Horkheimer criticized entertainment because in their views it offeres an escape from thought, as a way to shut ones brain off while consuming it. Disney films dispel this because they excel at promoting the thought of prosocial behavior in a manner that is consistent with real life. In a study published by the academic peer-reviewed Journal of Communication, a research concludes that, “our findings suggest that Disney movies contain at least three times more prosocial behavior than regular children’s programming.” (Pandilla-Walker et al.). In that same study, the researchers found that not only did Disney films have prosocial cues at about one every minute, but that they were almost always not followed by any sort of aggressive behavior. This clear evidence of thought provoking, positive prosocial behavior contradicts Adorno and Horkheimer’s claim of the pop culture offering refuge from thought. Not only do Disney films challenge their audience to think, they push forward an agenda of social acceptance and friendship. This study goes through the entire Disney film catalogue and shows that this trend holds true throughout

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