How Does Walt Disney Influence Culture

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The Disney corporation is easily the greatest empire of entertainment in the world thanks to the creator Walt Disney and his brother. Disney’s influence has been great within culture and society and I learned how much of an influence Disney has had through our course this semester. This influence is reflected and broadcasted through the many works and readings that we examined in class. The articles gave me new knowledge about Disney that I was previously unaware of. The article Hop on Pop (2002) explains how culture is influenced especially by the tactics of mass media and popular culture. This aspect is one that Walt Disney and his company used and did so very well. This article opened me up to think about how the media is trying to influence When on the topic of popular culture. I believe Disney does this by having the audience feel emotional connections to films that get them addicted to watching them. The feeling of nostalgia is a strong feeling that most of popular culture makes viewers want to experience films like they did in their past. Films work in a similar way as drugs do in that the first high is what addicts try to recreate over and over and will not stop trying to do this. Viewers of films try to recreate experiences of the joy of watching films in their Companies such as Disney own a vast number of media outlets so they are able to influence culture in a biased way that is shaped to how they want. The more money a company has then the more power and influential they can be and the Disney corporation has plenty of money and power. They are able to give us the information they want us to see and have in order to shape popular culture. There is no doubt that Disney effects culture particularly the American culture. When putting the three articles together you can see exactly how Disney is able to control popular culture and the media. Disney controls the media and uses propaganda in order to influence beliefs that shape a society’s culture. Part 2. After going through the first semester of First Year Seminar Deconstructing Disney my viewpoints on many things have changed and how I watch and perceive films has also changed. However, the way I perceive the film Wall-E has not changed much. I am not sure if it is due to not covering this movie specifically or because I still hold on to the memory of how I first perceived it and am unwilling to change how I do. To me, Wall-E depicts a great love story as well as media and technology addiction with the addition of destruction due to overconsumption. After the knowledge that I have gained from class, I tried perceiving the film in a different

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