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1892 words

For several years now, Disney seems to be determined not to offend anyone in order to keep its audience; indeed we are confronted with animation films full of compromises; they are not as degrading for women as Snow-White and the Seven Dwarves (1937), but they are nonetheless still filled with clichés. Films such as The Princess and The Frog (2009), Tangled (2010), Wreck-it Ralph (2012), have in common the sense of being progressive and however we can notice the resurgence of harmful gendered stereotypes on the subjects of the social scale, women’s role in society, or the status quo. Frozen comes in and turns out to be no exception. Though it includes several encouraging and gratifying elements, it contributes insidiously to spread numerous …show more content…

Of course, this could be justified by the target audience, as it is a Disney princess film after all. However, this relationship between two sisters is special enough to be analysed. Indeed, female friendship is often depicted as conflictive, in films such as Bride Wars for instance, whereas male friendship is made more valuable, as seen in most Seth Rodgen films. Here, the feminine solidarity is the core of the plot in Frozen, which motivates each protagonist’s designs and solves central issues of the …show more content…

His father is the chief of tribe and Hiccup is first described to the audience as far different from his paternal figure; he is not as strong and manly as him. At the very beginning, despite his tutor’s discourse to not try and fit this ideal, Hiccup intents to fit the norms of virility that are rewarding in within his village, trying to slay a dragon. And this shows the social pressure put on oneself to fit society’s standards and how difficult it can be to go through this, especially at a young age or for someone in their teenage years. So the film somehow issues a critique of nowadays society though the film is set centuries

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how disney seems to be determined not to offend anyone in order to keep its audience. the princess and the frog (2009), tangled (2010), wreck-it ralph (2012), have in common the sense of being progressive, but we can notice the resurgence of harmful gendered stereotypes.
  • Compares how to train your dragon to other dreamworks animation films, which challenge gendered stereotypes. the film lived up to its expectations by delivering a storyline and characters that are politically more interesting than most protagonists in the majority of animation
  • Analyzes frozen's duo of heroines, which is unusual in animation film but even more in any given film genre in general, where the lead character is often a white young male.
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