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  • Essay On California

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    When it comes to the topic of which state is the best,most of us will readily agree that California is the best state to live in.As California natives we defend our reasonings and explain the advantages that California offers.California is one of the best states because of our weather,although we don’t experience drastic snow storms we have a nice sunny 365 days of warmth.Being the 3rd largest state has some advantages like having national parks ,amusement parks,and over 265 universities.California

  • California Description

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    diverse state of California. California was not always as popular as it currently is; the state started out as a part of Mexico, and then eventually was taken over by the United States. Even once it was part of the United States, it was quite empty up until the Gold Rush. After the Gold Rush people slowly began moving to the beautiful state. In the 1960’s and the 1970’s California rapidly began to grow, due to the beautiful beaches, and perfect weather. The absolute location of California is 37.0000°

  • California Housing

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    California has been known for its The extensive amount of money that it costs to buy a house in California (CA) is one of the main issues of housing. The pricing differences between California and other parts of the United States is exceedingly significant. The general cost of California homes, $437,000, is more than double the cost of the typical U.S. home, $179,000. The renters also face greater costs, nearly 50% more than the national average (6 Taylor). California is difficult to afford. A

  • History Of California

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    California, a state located on the West Coast of the United States is the most popular state. Its the third largest state by area. California borders Oregon to the North, Nevada to the East, Arizona to the Southeast, and the Mexican States of Baja to the South. On 1850, September 9 California became the 31st state of the United States. California became the 31st state in the Union even though it hasn’t even been part of the United States for less than 2 years. California has a total of 263,696 square

  • Wildfires In California

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    A series of wildfires detrimentally affected California this summer of 2016 having destroyed an abundance of people’s homes and leaving them subjected to evacuation orders, but particularly the Chimney fire which has been burning since August 13, and is currently only 35% contained since reported on August 23. The cause of the majority of wildfires have been shown to be caused by human errors such as campfires, smoking, and debris burning according to several statistics and charts provided by the

  • The California Split

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    Maps altered, the American flag’s design changed and California ceases to be the third largest state in the United States of America. This would be caused not by a dramatic earthquake or natural disaster; instead by a proposition from Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Timothy Draper, who believes California is too large as a political body. In December of 2013 Draper submitted an initiative measure to the state proposing California be broken into six separate states that more accurately represent

  • California

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    many people rushed to California including Anglo. It can be said that California was entering an era of “Anglo hegemony”. In this paper, I intend to discuss the reason why they traveled to California, their encounters, their remarkable success as well as the role of sex and gender in helping these newcomers assume control of California. During the Mexican era (before the American-Mexican War), the trade and the lure of land attracted Anglo Americans to travel to California. After gaining independence

  • The State of California and Politics

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    California is a different kind of state. It is one of the largest states and is known for being one of the most diverse states along with being one of the most populous states in America as well. With all these factors coming into play with California, it is not unlikely that California’s politics is in for a wild journey. In 2003, I was 12 years old, just old enough for my parents to let me watch Terminator. I knew who Arnold was at the time and I thought it was very cool to have a Hollywood

  • What Is California Essay

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    California, sounds like a wonderful place, doesn’t it? California is an amazing place to live in, there are a tons of things to do, and many of attractions to encounter. When visiting California, you don’t know where to start, there are so many places to be and places to discover. Coming to visit California is going to be an adventure that you won’t forget, all the memories will be memorable. Many reasons California is the best place in the world because of many reasons, California has many attractions

  • California Separate Region

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    1. The authors of your text make an argument that California should stand as a separate region of the United States and Canada, despite the vast differences between southern and northern California. Do you agree? Should northern California more appropriately be connected with the Pacific Northwest? Why do you believe California has had such a hold on the American imagination? To what extent does the picture of California as painted by the media differ from that presented in the text? After reading

  • The Great State of California

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    California California, just like the rest of the states of this country is unique. The large populated country known as California has history, an economy and other things that make California the special country that it is today. California’s history is unique. For example, California’s name came from a knightly romance book that was published in 1510. It was about a queen named Califia who ruled over an island paradise with black Amazons and a lot of pearls and gold near the Indies. Men were

  • California Cuisine

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    California leads as the largest agricultural powerhouse and farm income in the United States by providing for consumers over two hundred types of crops; and represents about 73% of the state's agricultural revenues collected from crops (Economy of California, 2009). The perception of Californian cuisine is based on the fact that California has lots of agricultural products from which a variety of fresh ingredients are made. The foundation of today’s Californian cuisine and how it has flourished in

  • Narrative Essay On California

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    I had never been anywhere west of Tennessee before, so going to California was going to be an exciting experience. My vacation there was like going to a whole other country. The morning of our flight I double checked my bags and made sure I had everything I would need for my trip. Flying into Fresno everything I saw was brown, except for the golf courses. The reason for everything being so brown was because during this time California was in a 5-year drought. Also being in the central valley it’s

  • Essay On California Drought

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    Economically speaking, is agriculture worth the water in California? In the past year, California has been experiencing record-breaking drought and many communities are being subjected to severe restrictions. Now, citizens are wondering where the water comes from and where it goes. Some individuals support agriculture even through drought events, noting that although drought consequences are often felt immediately, economic consequences are felt in the short and long term. Others say there isn’t

  • Vehicle Code California

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    The vehicle code of the state of California has many rules and laws that are directly related to vehicle operating, owning a vehicle, registering a vehicle, and insuring a vehicle. Department of Motor Vehicle and Highway Patrol in California perform their duties and apply these rules and laws by proceeding the vehicle code of the state of California. The key elements of the policy: 1. All vehicles in California must be registered. Vehicle registration must be renewed annually. According to Article

  • Energy Crisis in California

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    Will the Lights Go Out In California? In today’s society, our state and national government doesn’t hold much trust from its citizens. From the terrorist attacks on September 11th, we have been fed shoddy information about prior knowledge, instigations, and about warnings that our government ignored. Now, California is faced with an alarming tragedy caused by its government and political officials. California’s governor, Gray Davis, declared a “stage 3” state of emergency amid an energy crisis termed

  • California History

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    California History 1. EPIC EPIC is the Educational Participation in Communities. This organization involves students as volunteers in the fight against poverty and social neglect in local communities. The goal is social awareness and student involvement. It says that poverty, neglect, and social inequity are a growing reality for millions of people in America. Families are losing their homes, people can't find good jobs, children go hungry, and education in the inner-city is a disaster. There

  • The Northridge California Earthquake

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    Midwest, hurricanes along the Gulf Coast or earthquakes in California are all hazards that residents in those regions accept and live with. This paper will examine one hazard that caused a disaster requiring a response from emergency management personnel. Specifically, the hazard more closely examined here is an earthquake. With the recent twenty year anniversary covered by many media outlets, the January 17, 1994, Northridge, California earthquake to date is the most expensive earthquake in American

  • The Sunshine State: California

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    activities that are available. California is one of the top destinations for many people. California is also known as the “Sunshine State”. The beautiful state has many things to offer for families, couples, and singles. The top places that are visited in Southern California include many amusements and popular site seeing. A few top places are Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Hollywood Boulevard, and Catalina Island. These are a few of the top attractions in Southern California. Ultimately where you

  • California VS Peterson

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    When the body of the California woman and her unborn child were found four months later, her husband, Scott, was charged with two counts of murder. Detective Craig Grogan gave a sworn statement that he had probable cause to believe Mr. Peterson committed two counts of the crime of 187 Penal Code, homicide, on or about December 23, 2002 or December 24,2002, in the county of Stanislaus. April 17, 2003 at 0658 hours the Judge of the Superior Court in Stanislaus County, California issued a warrant for