Personal Essay: The Importance Of Community Service To A Community

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Community service has now grown to be a way of bringing a community together. There is something important about doing good for others. Every community wants the people within it to be disciplined and work for change. Community service becomes easily assessable for it is the one of the best ways to teach a sense concern and sympathy to other individuals. Participating in community service, allows children and adolescents to become aware of good values and morals. Implemented values such as humility, gratitude, trustworthiness, genuineness and respect are some of the most vital virtues that one can obtain from helping the community. The importance of community service ultimately relies on how the provider distinguishes it. The more time individuals give doing community labor, the more …show more content…

Both my great grandmother and grandmother have visited their rehabilitation center. There they participated in hours a week of physical therapy. The respect and humility they have for their patients is very evident. While back home, I decided to give some of my time to the patients whose families could not or would not visit. In those three short hours, I was given a new perspective. The women and men there have such an appreciation for someone who is just willing to give 20 minutes out of their day to just listen and interact with them. The perspective I have is that they took care of us when we were younger now it is our turn to take care of them. The smiles they had on their face, just to have someone ask how they were and how their day has been just shows that we take for granite the families we have. The people living within Westminster towers have families but most do not take time out of their day to go visit them and check on them. I loved being that person that could make those people smile and make them feel as though they are still

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