AVID Standout Award

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I believe that I am the best choice for the AVID Standout Award because I am a hard worker, a leader, and I give back to the community. I have always been a student that doesn't give up when they are struggling and wants to keep learning. I personally believe that a good education is the first priority of any human being because education has brought us where we are today in the world. During my career as a student, I have moved schools a total of six times. It is a challenge to adapt to a new school and catch up with their curriculum. I personally have experienced this when I moved to Orchard Hills. I was behind in Mathematics, Language Arts, and Social Studies, and being in the honors program only made it that much harder to catch up. In …show more content…

I think that community service is something that everyone should do. Some people only do community service because they need the hours for school or an extracurricular activity, but when you something nice for another person, it not only makes you feel 100 times better about yourself, it also, whether you know it or not, improves another person's life. Being able to give to another person without expecting anything in return is the best quality that a person can have because the 21st century is a time where a portion of people have what they want at their fingertips. What some people don't realize is that not everyone has the blessings of living the life that they have, that is why I try so hard to give back to the community. I personally do community service a lot, and seeing the faces of the people that I have helped means so much to me because I know deep down that I have done something that required me to put others needs before my own. I get that feeling when I help out in the special needs class at my school. I feel complete when the students give me hugs and thank me for my help. That feeling motivates me and makes me a happier person. Even when all I can do for another person is make them smile, I feel like I have done something important that has helped someone more than I

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