Virginia Henderson's Needs Theory Essay

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Virginia Henderson’s needs theory provides a definition of nursing, describes nurse’s role, and formulates a nursing care which is focused on assisting individuals to reach a level of independence in meeting with basic human needs. I found Virginia Henderson’s needs theory easy to incorporate in to clinical practice and serve as a guide for the patient and nurse to reach the chosen goal.
In the past nursing profession was seen as linked to the medicine, has not had a separate identity. Nursing practice was considered as submissive and nurses were seen as “assistants” who helped ill patients to regain their health by merely following doctor’s orders. Nursing practice was considered as performing technical skills and procedures which are based
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She believed that once the individual can perform basic human needs independently, their physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual balance can be restored, and their recovery from illness or disease can be easily achievable. I can correlate her concepts of nurses’ roles in my current nursing practice. I play different roles such as “teacher, manager of care, communicator, patient advocator” to achieve better patient outcomes. As a communicator, I assess patients’ language preference and use hospital approved interpreters or language line to convey accurate information to patients so that they can make informed decisions. I also assess patient’s knowledge about disease process and use teaching methods and information which clients can learn and implement easily. In addition, I communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals and raise concerns on issues which can hinder in continuity in care delivery. Being a patient advocate is my most important of all nursing roles. As a patient advocate, my responsibility is to protect a patient 's rights. When a person is sick, they are unable to act as they might when they are well. I act on the patient 's behalf and supports their decisions, standing up for his or her best interests at all…show more content…
Her needs theory is uncomplicated, self-explanatory and it can be used without difficulty as a “guide for nursing practice by most nurses”. A study conducted by Ahtisham and Jacoline in Pakistan highlighted the importance of practicing theory based nursing care can enhance the human health and considered Virginia Henderson’s need theory “enable nurses to improve the standard of caring by assessing patient needs and developing a pragmatic plan of care”.
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