Vincent Humbert and Euthanasia in France

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In 2010, the world population was estimated at 6.9 billion of people. 10,1 million of people were in prison. It represents a world population rate of 146 per 100,000 (Walmsley 2010). Some people do some bad things against the society or against other people, and that is why the law is created, it has to punish the bad behaviors. The law is a system of rules that every country decided to implement to fight against crimes and the society’s wicked behaviors generally. There is a very long process to elaborate and vote a law in a country. In France, there are seven big steps for that. The first one is that the government, deputies and senators decided to prepare a law project (from the government) or a law proposition (from deputies and/or senators). The second one is that the project or the proposition is filed in the Office of the National Assembly or in the Senate. The third one, the text is examinee by a Parliamentary Committee. They designate a person who will write a report of that text because the Committee can make some modifications which are called « amendments ». The fourth one is that six weeks after the deposit, the proposition or the project is examinee by the first Assembly. They vote for each amendment before to vote for the whole project. When the text is adopted, they transmit it to the second Assembly. This Assembly examined the text, four weeks after the transmission, in the same way as the first Assembly. They can change some things, and so the first Assembly re-examine the changes and so on. The text does a shuttle between the first and the second Assembly to vote for the amendments: this is the fifth step. The sixth one is the adoption. The two Assemblies have to vote in the same terms for the adoption of the la...

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...2014, he went to a psychiatric hospital at his request because he did not feel well. The murderer could be accused of intentional homicide, even premeditated murder if the justice considers that he has the entire responsibility of his act and he had the real intention to kill before he went to discuss with the victim (Eme-Ziri 2014).

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