Social Changes And The Law And Social Change

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Social change and the law are codependent. If one wishes to see progress in the world, a world crippled with corruption, ignorance, fear, and hate amongst other injustices, he or she must acknowledge the relationship that law and social change have on one another. Social change requires a shift in the mindset of a collective body. It requires the norms of a culture to gradually change and progress with the values of the evolving society in order for change to happen. Laws change over time as the society’s values evolve. Thus, new laws come about when values change and conversely, laws change or progress when values change or progress. Laws create social change as social change creates law. The relationship is cyclical. Cyclical relationships involve a process of steps that can exist to help or hurt a society. When laws change, we want to assume that they are progressing with society for beneficial purposes. We want to believe that social change is change for the greater good of the society and that the law is just…show more content…
When individuals, especially individuals who are more akin to be allies and not enemies, fight for the sole purpose of collecting captives to sell as if they were objects to the true enemy, the Europeans, shows just how society can be easily deceived for corruption (Rodney 79). The Europeans, who should have been the outliers in the African community, ended up with the power, since the African leaders exploited their own people in favor of their own economic interests, allowed the Europeans to further their slave trade since money and objects seemed to be more valuable than human lives (Rodney 79). The European’s power increased because within the African community the differences of the enemies were further divided instead of uniting the community on their similarities, it was

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