Verbal Communication: The Importance Of Nonverbals

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Why are nonverbals so important? People use nonverbals everyday without knowing. It is sometimes a reaction or reflex that people do in different circumstances. People use gestures without knowing that they are doing them. When using these gestures people think theses gestures are universal, but some are not. Can easily offend someone from another country without even trying to. Here are some of the gestures that can offend certain cultures; feet gesture, head shake, horns, the fig, and okay gesture. Nonverbal communication is “influences how individuals interpret messages, especially those related to feelings, moods, and attitudes”(Alberts, et. al 138). Nonverbals are expressed through gestures, posture, facial expressions, eye contact and body language. One needs to know nonverbal codes to understand nonverbals. Nonverbal codes are “signals that distinct, organized means of expression that consist of both symbols and rules for their use” (Alberts, et. al 143). The importance of Nonverbal communication. Is knowing what gestures are appropriate in other cultures. Another thing is knowing how to read body language. Learning how to read facial expression. People will need to know how to pick up social cues and body language of people in other cultures. For example, in America it 's a…show more content…
In India showing the soles of your feet or using them for pointing or to touch things is socially wrong. Feet are the “unclean and lowest point of your body” (Forbes, Sophie). Also sitting cross-legged is very common in the North America and in some European countries, but it is viewed differently in Asia and the Middle East. “In Asia and the Middle East, resting the ankle over the other knee risks pointing the sole of your shoe at another person, which is considered a very rude gesture”( Rugsaken, Kris). In America, men and women crossing their legs and end up pointing their feet is not socially wrong. We also like getting a
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