Value Education Case Study

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A Study of Innovative Teaching of Value Education

Dr. Mohan Lal ‘Arya’
[M.A (Geography, Edu. & Eng.), M.Ed.,
M.Phil.(Edu.), NET(Edu.), Ph.D.(Geog.)]
Assistant Professor
Department of Education
Additional charge
Head of Department,
Department of Geography
IFTM University,
Delhi Road, Moradabad
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Abstract: -
Education is important in any country since it promotes the knowledge, skills, habits, and values. Modern education is necessarily a process of
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Guiding life in the right path and to embellish behaviour with good qualities developing a sense of pride about our rich heritage and ancient wisdom by showing them how these principles and truths are in perfect accord with modern science. Providing students with a foundation for ethical reasoning that includes the core values of integrity objectivity and independence providing guidance to the students concerning the ethical rules and regularities of the society and Professional accounting. Enabling them to understand the national goals of socialism, secularism, social justice and democracy and to contribute to their consciousness. Helping teachers to conduct the class in a professional and ethical manner that models behaviour that students may be expected to display as a professional…show more content…
From individual’s perspective, the purpose is to enable students achieve personal fulfillment for success in life and work. There are some important objectives of value education:-
1. To inculcate in the students respect for their culture and gratitude to their parents, teachers, nation and all those who strive for their welfare.
2. To enable students to be the balanced personality and to make them refined with perfection.
3. To develop individuality of the child through really practical, useful and purposive contents and Methodology of value education.
4. To make students understand our heritage, national goals and universal perceptions through value education curriculum, so as to become a more sensitive and responsible citizen.
5. To develop a critical consciousness to analyze human development down the ages.
6. To help students lay a strong foundation for the development of different values.
7. To enable students to clarify conflicts based on education.
8. To provide a realistic and broad – based understanding of human values and to educate/train students to become responsible citizens in their personal and social
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